Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blue, 3rd color in a 4-color Monotype

Yea! Blue is here. I printed blue on my previously printed drypoint that was already hit with yellow and red. I'm still using the hinged registration and it seems to be working (see picture below). I've lost count on how many hits of blue I did. I kept it hinged and rolled up, wiped, printed, rolled up, wiped printed several times. This is a varied edition anyway, so I don't have to have identical prints.

I ended up hitting the print with brown the following day, my 4th color, but I didn't take a picture. Come see the finished deal at EAST! It'll be on display this and next weekend, Nov 13th and 20th. I'll personally be at the space (1109 Shady Lane) from 7-10 both Saturday nights as well as from 1-3 pm this Sunday.

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