I describe myself as a printmaker, but I probably spend more time doing mixed-media work. My youngest is now in 4th grade, so with a busy schedule I find it's challenging to set aside more than one day a week to print, but when I do, I enjoy every second of it. When I'm working in my studio, I'm typically making collages and using proofs and discarded prints in my imagery. Even though I spend a lot of studio time working on collages, I'm always pulled back into printmaking. The technical aspect and process is just too magnetic. Besides, printmaking rocks!

Current muse: Nikola Tesla and science and math related stuff. I don't understand it, but I'm going with it.

Website: www.savageartist.com 
email: csavage@savageartist.com

Red Wolf Gallery, Brevard, NC
Positive Images, Austin, TX
Kirchman Gallery, Johnson City, TX