Monday, September 1, 2014

The Coffee Sock

Sounds gross, but it ain't.

I've been obsessed with coffee lately. I've been adopting a new coffee system every 6 months or so. My shelves are bursting with coffee makers: standard 10 cup coffee maker, a cold coffee toddy system, two French presses, a coffee sock, and now I'm eyeing an espresso maker (loving Americanos). But alas, it's only been two months with the coffee sock (and I've been traveling for 6 of those weeks!) so I thought I'd give it another go before switching up. Basically I'm doing the cold brew method--same idea as the toddy, but making straight up coffee vs. a coffee concentrate--and this morning my coffee was so delish that I thought I should make note of it in case you're looking for a new coffee apparatus. This is so simple and frankly, the least expensive coffee contraption I've ever purchased.

Here's the sock, which is a cotton muslin kinda fabric, not gross tube sock material. 

Here's their website (local company btw, and they ship for free), though I found it at Whole Foods near REI on 360.

Here's my jar, 1.5 L. The sock filled with grinds does displace the water, but you get almost a full jar of coffee. (I've had a couple of cups outta here as well....)

I just fill my grinder all the way up with beans--I have your basic Krups model--and whirl for a medium grind and pour into sock. Then I pour filtered water through the filter into the jar, filling to the top, letting the filter hang in the jar for 12 hours. I leave it on the counter so I get the full benefit of the coffee smells. Mmmm. Then I gently squeeze the filter to get out all the coffee before composting the grinds and then put the jar in my fridge until ready to consume. It makes a very smooth cup of coffee. The cold brew method is less acidic or something. I drink a cup or two every day, so maybe the jar is in my fridge for 4 days--every cup is as good as the first. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back in the Saddle

We were on an epic road trip this summer. Seriously. We drove from Austin to Glacier National Park, Montana and back again, camping along with way with some hotel stays along the route. If Mama Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy. Then as if that wasn't enough, we left town 19 hours after our camping trip for a week in upstate NY. We're finally back and I've left unpacking for another day so I could sneak off to the studio. I started working on a piece for a collector's wedding covenant. What is that you ask? It comes from the Jewish and Quaker traditions. The couple writes a covenant and in the case of this piece, the words will be incorporated in the work and wedding guests will sign the work the day of the ceremony.

Today applied two coats of gesso to the substrate (20 x 20 x .5" art board), sanding in between/after. While waiting for the gesso to dry I tinted tissue paper with acrylic washes--both blue and a brown--and gave them a hit with the hair dryer because NOW is better than LATER.

I sketched a tree directly on the gessoed board

and then added the tissue with medium. Voila! Background!

Next up, the actual tree with straight up graphite pencil (HB)and water colored pencils and maybe more of that tissue. We'll see....

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Big Exhale

I just had my gigantic undertaking--The Tesla Project--end. It was marvelous! It was a whole lotta work but fun nonetheless. And I'm thrilled to report that I'm off on vacation for the next 7 days to the glorious mountains of North Carolina!

Here's the final Tesla piece hanging up in the show:

Picture taken by NJ Weaver

  • I had friend Carolyn Kimball print up my pen and ink drawing of Tesla onto some Tea Towels for me and they look marvelous! They are on my Etsy site in case you need one. 
  • Here's a CFE that you may be interested in. It's the Art Hop in Georgetown, Texas. 
  • Boomerang--have you heard of this? It's a plugin for Gmail and it's great. You can boomerang emails back to your inbox if they are something that you aren't ready to file but aren't ready to deal with right away--it helps keep your inbox from being overloaded. I may have already mentioned this. If I have, it's only because it's awesome.
I probably won't be posting while in the boonies, so have a great week!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Almost Done with this Beast

Let me be clear--Tesla is not the beast, the assemblage is. It hasn't been too much actual labor, but the what goes where was a dose of mental agony. Granted, it would come and go. I wasn't thinking about the piece 24/7, but whenever I thought of it I would grind my teeth. Glad it's almost out the door, for better or for worse.
Tesla, in process
One problem that stumped me was where to put the battery pack (he has little lights up top). My son suggested a wooden box, but really, where would it go? In a haze of almost wakefullness this morning, I came up with the where. It's being glued right now. You can kinda see it on the right hand side--it's behind and to the side of his name. Whew. I just need to make the lid now. (Yay for power tools that live in the garage and not someplace far away and inaccessible.)

The Tesla Project is happening Saturday! We managed some radio coverage and some print coverage (page 34), which is a relief. One doesn't want to throw a party and have no shows. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Opening Reception: SPOON!

I'm in this show, which sounds pretty fun, especially since there will be spoonable treats at the opening. :)

(spoon art by Ellen Buckmaster.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Collagraphs from recent workshop

I was lucky enough to turn 4 more people on to collagraphs. Well, maybe 3. It's not for everyone. But the 3 that were turned on really seemed to love them. Here are some prints that came out of the class. I teach this workshop now and again at Flatbed Press and I'm waiting to get on the workshop schedule for WPA, so it'll happen again. I'm terrible about sending info out to my mailing list, but you are welcome to inquire and I'll hopefully give you a heads up for future dates. I am better about posting this kind of stuff on my Facebook page, so you can always "like" me there and hopefully get updated.

New Etsy Listing--TESLA!

I had hopes and dreams once about Etsy. One of these days I'd like to have an active shop, but for now, it'll be what it is--an inactive thing that gives occasional latte money. Here's a listing that may appeal to some. With all this Tesla Project planning I'm doing, I'm needing frequent coffee breaks. :)