Saturday, June 19, 2010

Improvements to my Teslas

This weekend I visited The Museum of Printing History in Houston so I had little time to work on my doll. I did, however, manage to give him a couple of coats of gesso--with sanding between--before departing. (I think this pic is only after the first coat, no sanding yet, because he looks pretty bumpy still.)

I also gave my Tesla encaustic piece a new set of peepers. It turns out his eyes were blue, not brown as I had previously thought. This is Tesla after his eye surgery.

Next weekend I'm teaching a collagraph workshop at Flatbed Press so I'm going to be busy getting a new plate ready. I'm thinking about doing a print of someone's hands with Tesla and Edison finger puppets doing a skit. (Of course in this person's skit, Tesla turns out to be the big success story while he's still living.)

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