Friday, December 24, 2010

Hooks in every room of the house

This time of year brings lots of gifts, but this year my only request was that hooks or pegs be installed in the rooms where there were none. Almost done--only two more rooms to go.

The Shakers are famous for many things and my personal favorite--their use of pegs. They lined their walls with pegs and hung all kind of things up, including chairs so they could mop the floor without impediments. I doubt I'll be doing more mopping, but at least baseball hats, PJs, day old jeans, etc all have a place. I read a book a couple of years ago on the Shakers and enjoyed learning about them. We sing the Simple Gifts song frequently at church and as a bedtime lullaby, so there's another reason to love them, because that song is fantastic. I plan on re-watching Ken Burns' The Shakers on Netflix instant early next year when I get a chunk of time.

I'm in sunny Florida for the next week, so Happy Holidays to you and I'll check back after 1/01/11!

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