Monday, February 14, 2011

Paper Mache Tesla, day 3

I think I'm about ready to start adding strips of newsprint dipped in diluted PVA. I added a base--a sturdy cardboard box with some rocks in it for weight. I rolled up some newspaper and stuffed it in the box to stabilize the neck, then taped that puppy together. The mustache isn't quite right, but I can amend and form as I go with the strips, because at this rate I just want to get going. An X-acto comes in handy for plastic surgery which I'm sure I'll be wielding as I go forward.

I had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Saturday was a day for tidying up the house and a run, but kicked off with an hour of snuggling on the couch with two wee ones. That's about all I managed all day, but it was so nice to get things in order and go for a jog with a child biking at my side. I wore my Daniel Johnston jacket to church Sunday and made a splash. After that the kids and I went to a friend's house and did some V-tine gelatin printmaking--I had no idea I was walking into a party with lunch, cookies, lattes, and chocolate truffles. Being with friends wold have been lovely enough, but the treats were a welcome surprise. Bonus: the children got together and performed 3 plays!

The print below is by Leo, age 8. He made a robot stencil and then did some handwork with a marker. He let me keep it--and I'm thrilled! It now resides on the wall of my studio for inspiration. He jumped in, grabbed a pen and started to alter his print seconds after it was pulled. No hesitation--pure creativity. It was great to witness. And now I have it as a reminder to let it flow.

After a couple of hours of partying and printing, we piled into the car and we went on a hike with Raleigh's Camp Fire troop/den/pack/whatever and we went fossil hunting. Look at my spoils!

This shape will be in my next collage, I guarantee.

OH, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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