Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project this week--Performing Perriot

I made this pull toy last year for my show in San Antonio at StoneMetal Press, and I'm going to make another variation.

I have a wooden box and extra proofs of this

and I plan on cutting the wood with my Dremel tool tomorrow. I have known about WPA's upcoming show, aptly named Under Pressure, for the last several weeks but haven't managed to get anything finished, so I figured this would be a good project. I've been meaning to do it anyway and now I'm forced to spring into action (deadline for drop off is March 6). One thing I like about this piece is it's viewer participation. I need to make sure I make a sign that says "please pull string." You'll be seeing my progress this week.

(No knitting on my weekend off, but lots of hugs, laughs, and mimosas with family and friends. It was wonderful to get away. Consider me renewed and up to task for this week's must-do project!)

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