Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jumping through Hoops

Well, my assemblage is *just* about finished. I'm elated, but it's hard to tell because I'm so exhausted. (I'm also too lazy to get out my tripod so the pics are just so-so.) I'm waiting on two more little items before it's completely done:
1. the plexiglas that is going to slide into the front of the box which I'll order on Monday 
2. paper circles that I'm taping to the screw heads. I'm waiting for them to dry. I've glued them onto the tops of archival tape.

I've taken a few other pictures during the making, which you'll find below. BTW, the box's dimensions are 14x11".

This has been a crazy week. My afternoon tea turned into evening tea every single night. I did have fun screenprinting shirts on Thursday and learned something about the ink. I'll do a post next week all about it. I'm printing shirts for 3 more 1st grade classes next week (get this, I don't have a 1st grader! I'm crazy to do this stuff...) so I'll have lots of experience very soon. Have a great weekend!

PS You'll be able to pull this guy's string at WPA's opening on Saturday eventing the 12th at Pump Project. Join me!

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