Sunday, May 8, 2011

6 of Hearts

After a busy week of helping to put on the Gullett Art Show, and only managing 4 hours of sleep the night before, I woke up Saturday morning remembering Raleigh was invited to a b-day party later that day with Alice and Wonderland attire requested. After Raleigh's soccer game we hurried off to Savers, our convenient second-hand store and found 2 shirts. One white T and one red T were on the list. We managed to find just what we needed. Next thing to do was to cut out stencils and use disappearing sewing ink to outline 6s and hearts.

Then I went to task doing reverse applique. It was fairly quick. I think the entire thing took 2 hours, including shopping time.

This ink pen is cool. You just wet it down with a wet washcloth and it comes out. See?

Now for the finished shirt. (Oh, and bonus--she wants to be a 6 of Hearts for Halloween now! One costume down, one to go!)

The party was amazing. Here are some fun shots, including Wes after he had his face painted by face painter and muralist Christine Nall.

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