Monday, June 20, 2011

Akua and Collagraph

Cathy Savage
War of the Currents
11 x 15

I taught a private workshop on collagraphs through Flatbed Press this past weekend and it was really fun. Granted, it made the weekend a bit hectic, but it was delightful to pass on the awesomeness of printmaking and collagraphs, specifically, to a young artist. Bonus: I learned something new about Akua and Collagraphs. I printed my own collagraph last week but had trouble with Akua's latest intaglio formula of Jet Black. I loved the intense black, but my paper stuck to the plate a bit. I did not have the same trouble with their other intaglio blacks, namely Graphite and Bone Black. So I need to find a way to reduce the tack of their Jet Black (I have an email out to Rostow & Jung and will post a follow up if hear anything.) This is my print using Bone Black. (I'll be posting more about the creation of this week, should life go according to plan.)

Artist: Kim Neely

During the workshop I mixed Akua Oil Converter and Akua Kolor Jet Black (about 1T:1/2 tsp) for my student--and it printed beautifully. It was a nice, intense black that didn't stick. Here's one of her prints and corresponding plate. Unfortunatley I only got a shot of her first plate results. Subsequent prints were a richer black since we added more Akua Kolor each time. Her 4th print, the second pull on this plate here, stuck to the plate a bit.

Kim's plate. Notice feathers glued on at the bottom. She inked using a stiff paintbrush dipped in the oil converter/Akua Kolor mixture and wiped with an awesome paper towel I picked up in the restroom of the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel while at a wedding on Saturday. :)

This plate was created on mat board. I get a constant supply from my all around awesome friend and framer, Augie. Best prices and work in town!

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