Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gallery visit #1--neon galore

The first gallery visit during my vacation was to Drew Deane's gallery and studio in Brevard, NC. In the back of her gallery she has 2 banjos propped up in case a musical diversion is required. Drew records bits and pieces of Americana in her paintings, and for the last year I've been taking pictures during my travels in case they're an interest for Drew. She loves neon.

Drew took a trip a couple of years ago to Fredericksburg, TX and found the cowboy sign which she painted in the picture below. Recognize it?

Drew's passion are the paintings of Americana, but she's branched out to take advantage of lower priced items that appeal to the tourist crowd. These items she sells under the name "Orphan Girl."
Here's a close up of a collage. Her frames are sometimes decoupaged.
Her covered cigar boxes are big sellers.

Drew also paints portraits for bread and butter sales. If anything, this visit proves that in order to make my 20K goal of art and freelance graphic design sales, I need to do something other than Tesla-centered work. Let's face it, there are only so many Tesla fanatics out there, and not one of them purchased my work at the recent Tesla Project.

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