Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Good Karma

Artist Dawn Rogal submitted U.S. Patent 1,119,732 for entry into the Tesla show. It was one of the first entries to come in and I was especially excited about it because it incorporated stitching with collage, two of my favorite things--well, three, if you count Tesla. Already pumped about Dawn, she then turned me on to a collagraph technique that I'm looking forward to trying come September. And now for the exciting news: Dawn has given me this cool piece of work! There were a lot of great things about Tesla 2011, but this is truly the highlight. Thank you! I hate to sound maudlin, but yesterday was a crappy day and when I got the email of her intention, I got a little verklempt. How nice when the goodness gets spread around like that.

I watched MLB tonight, which a couple year ago I would have found unbelievable. Thanks to little league and a son that loves the game, I've been converted into a baseball fan. We ate dinner in front of our projector (thanks geeky husband!) and I kept thinking I've been missing out on all these warm fuzzies the past several  weeks while heavily invested in The Tesla Project. How lucky I am to be able to recognize the simple joy of snuggling on the couch with 2/3 of my family and wishing Wes, the son that got us into baseball, was with us (he was watching the same game at sleep away baseball camp). Inhale, exhale, smile, repeat. That was my evening.