Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Make a Fan

Step 1. Have an awesome friend like Carolyn Kimball that has gone before and conquered the making of fans (and has the supplies).
2. Carolyn had the blue paper, which is card stock, and she pre-folded them before we printed them as mentioned in my last post, but I'll show the picture again for your viewing pleasure.

3. Next we cut the corners off with this doohicky, which has a name that I choose to ignore. Probably like "Rounded Corner Maker," or something like that.

4. Now comes stamps! We just taped together the word TESLA, hit it with the stamp pad and forged ahead. Next, no surprise, came the word FAN. (Notice the masking tape? Taping them together was my idea. :)

5. Glue on fancy fan sticks with Zots, which are super strong dots of glue, and close up the folded card stock with double stick tape. Voila! Genius! (Literally, since Tesla would have been a member of Mensa had he lived longer. Hmm. Maybe not. He would have been bored with Mensa, is my guess.)

Are you wondering where you can find one of these babies? Well at The Tesla Project of course! Or, should we have extras, maybe on Carolyn's Etsy site.

One bit of marketing genius that wasn't shown in a picture? On the back of each fan there's a sticker (in matching blue) that gives the urls of The Tesla Fans that made said fan.

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ahufford said...

Looking forward to seeing these at the event!