Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wood block as art

Artist: Jenny Pope
Block for A Starling Guide
MDF Woodcut
I really enjoy looking and touching my collagraph plates after they're printed. I'm not one to strike a plate--where a printmaker destroys the plate so no more images can be printed off of the limited edition. It's just against my nature to take out something that I spent so much time with. Used plates hold some residual ink and the texture really stands out. Maybe that's why I loved this block by artist Jenny Pope? Looks like the artist feels the same why I do about my matrices. I saw it hanging in a Ithaca, NY this summer. It stood alone--no sister print to say Hey! Look what I did! I think that made it stand out to me even more.

Update: Do check out Jenny's website and blog. Her work is really amazing, and though this block is cool and all, her printed stuff is really amazing.

I'm hoping to spend some time in the studio tomorrow. I neglected to factor in down time after the rush of getting together work for the show at House Wine, that today and part of yesterday was a bust. I spent most of my time on domestic duties instead of something cool. C'est la vie. Someone must wash the undies.


dawn said...

I totally agree with you about collagraph plates, Cathy! I have a love/hate relationship with collagraphs but I always love the plate once I'm done. Jenny's work is amazing. Simply beautiful. Ugh, I want to do some printmaking in the worst way... maybe just a little plate...

Cathy Savage said...

I wish you lived here. I'd come over to your house with my gear and we'd whip up some plates in your kitchen, then stop for tea and scones. (Hope things are going OK with the broken arms...)