Saturday, January 21, 2012

4 of my pieces heading to Dallas!

I'm very excited to report that I will be showing 4 prints at Davis & Blevins Gallery in Saint Jo, TX starting late February. I plan on making an artist weekend of it--driving up and checking out the big galleries as well as the local ones, hopefully hooking up with artist Lynne Hubner, and then attending the opening. I'll give more details as I have them. The show is a B&W themed show and these are the four that were chosen:

© Cathy Savage, Raleigh Bird, Monoprint, 16 x 16"

© Cathy Savage, Mockingbird, Collagraph, 15 x 11"
© Cathy Savage, Grackle, Collagraph, 10 x 20"

© Cathy Savage, Cowbird v. Blue Jay, intaglio, 11 x 15"

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88 editions aka K Tankersley said...

congrats Cathy!

keep in touch, I may go with you. I have family there and would love to visit the Kimball museum.