Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6-yr-old Hits it Out of the Park

© 2012 Raleigh Savage, Bird Ball
My kids are so creative. Look at this bday card Raleigh (6) gave to Wes (10) for his birthday. I'm going to make a woodcut and I'm going to liberally take from this drawing.

© Sean Star Wars, Longfellows Circus

So, not only am I getting inspiration from Raleigh on this project (well, more than inspiration--a fully hatched concept), I'm inspired by Sean Star Wars. I own this print.

I have so many projects in the hopper I'm not sure when it'll happen. I hope to really get started on my lagging relief projects in April once I have a little more free time. I'm in the mood for carving, that's for sure. I have a ton of wood that I bought from McClains years ago just waiting... If you have any great relief blogs or books you'd like to recommend, do share. I'm in the mood to read all I can about relief.

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