Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Artist Date: Making earrings with lasers!

The blue earrings are my friend Beth's design--
she made me a pair at the same time she was cut her own
My girlfriend and I took some time out on Sunday to attend MAKEatx's jewelry workshop and we had a fun 3-hours. We had such a great time! If you have a chance to attend one of MAKEatx's workshops, do it. It was a blast, and now we're wearing stylish stuff.

I am working on a screen print of Hermione for our elementary school's art show and it's coming along. I went online and found a lego pic of Hermione, copied it, increased the contrast, printed it out and then took a Sharpie to it. I have some touch ups to do, but I'm closing in on it. Next I'll be painting my screen with screen filler. We'll screen shirts that people bring to the art show for a $3 donation, so we're technically not selling a copy written image. (Yes, that's a wand! Doesn't it look like a walking stick?)

So. Tax time. I'm happy to say it's over. My husband does 90% of them, but it's tense around here at the final push. Hopefully I'll get some other great posts up soon. I went to a friend's home art show and sale over the weekend--fabulous--and then met a cool artist that I want to be sure to tell you about...

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