Monday, May 14, 2012

Kepler/Brahe finally behaving

© 2012 Cathy Savage, Kepler/Brahe, 15 x 11.75",
Naugahyde to the printmaking rescue
Yea! I was able to get some decent prints yesterday. I had better success printing this block with Akua Intaglio on Rives BFK vs. Arches 88. The trouble is, there's a nice, rich black area on this print and it's difficult to get an even application of ink. I ended up using a piece of Naugahyde as a cushion, then a piece of chip board--no blankets--when printing and had much better success than when using chip board alone. Finally, after a really weird week I can feel like I accomplished something. I am so ready to move on from this print, but I'm determined to edition now and stop the insanity of one print now, one print tomorrow ... So hopefully in a few more days here and I can put this print behind me forever.

Update on Stratograph
Printmaker Anna Marie Pavlik gave me the thumbs up to share her notes on Stratographs. I plan on digging them up and getting them on the blog this week, so stay tuned.

Fruit Flies Love Vinegar
I know this because I needed to research fruit fly traps--just one adventure I had during this crazy week. So to combat the little flying devils, I poured a finger bowl full of cider vinegar and then put in a drop or two of dish detergent to break the surface tension so the critters drown when landing, then left these bowls in a couple of rooms. Within hours the traps had done their job. Apparently apple cider vinegar is irresistible. We've searched high and low for the offending habitat for fruit flies. The kids are aghast that I think they have a petrified apple core under their beds, but I am convinced the source originates in one of their rooms. We're good for now though.

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