Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Martha Stewart I ain't

Well, I got down two of Martha's books that I've had on my shelves. I've been saving them for that day when I have lots of spare time and can make my own mini soaps or votive candles. Upon opening the first one, I almost choked when I saw her craft room. It was so put together, with her craft papers put neatly into fabric covered binders for easy access. At that moment I realized I will never be Martha. As much as I love crafting, the reality is, I need to pass them on to someone that will use them or at least doesn't need the shelving space (they are tomes!). It's time to acknowledge that when I find myself with loads of time, I would rather spend it in a hammock.

I worked on Grackles today. I finished up six more, plus I contacted galleries that have them in stock to see if they wanted more. Then I contacted a potential vendor. And I napped, which was my most important task. I was so sleepy today. I wonder if Martha takes naps? Probably not. Or she hires someone to do it for her, maybe? (I don't have a very updated Etsy site, but should you ever want to purchase a grackle, know that you can contact me and I'll set you up.)

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