Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Resizing Images in GIMP

I had a friend ask me how to use Gimp (an open source program similar to Photoshop) to resize images for submitting to calls as well as posting on a website/blog. We had a one-on-one convo to review, but basically I suggested she follow what I've listed below. She also mentioned two books on Gimp that seem interesting: The Artist Guide to Gimp and Gimp for Absolute Beginners.

I have Gimp version 2.6.11. I don't add text to my files generally, and there may be a better way to do it, but I've outlined how I might attempt it since that was one of her questions. Hopefully this will be worthwhile info for some of you. 

Adjusting image size
File>Open> (this will lead you to a browse menu for you to select your file)

Image>Scale Image
Image Size, width and height
for my website and blog, I reduce the largest number to 500 pixels/dpi. When submitting my work to a show, I just follow what they request.
x and y resolution
I keep the number at 72 pixels/dpi when using for my website and blog. When submitting my work to a show, I just follow what they request.
Adding text to bottom of image
Image>Canvas Size

Width and Height (break lock to the right) > increase height to accommodate text (you can always crop, so larger is better)
Select text tool A, click on space you just created, add text. To resize, grab side of text box while still in text mode. You should be able to increase the size of the text should it need adjusting.

Select rectangle tool, draw boarder around image and text, cutting off extra space at bottom that you don't want included.
Image>Crop to selection

Save as JPG dialog box, increase quality to 100%, Save

If you use Gimp and have some changes or suggestions for sizing images, please share.

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