Friday, November 9, 2012

Everyone Needs a Sick Day

Wednesday morning I held a brunch for my ukulele group. I had all the right stuff--bagels, cream cheese, lox, coffee and mimosas. Then we spent some time jamming. The morning was the awesome part of my day.

My body actually doesn't like salmon and I know this, but I have eaten it without barfing before and therefore I tend to keep trying. In other words, I'm an idiot. My stomach reminded me that it trumps my taste buds so I spent the evening in bed recuperating. I wasn't ill enough to feel totally awful, just bad enough to skip dinner and wish like hell that we had a TV so I could veg out in front of it.

Having no trashy novels on my bed stand (having read them already) I grabbed one of my magazines and boy after a few minutes I was glad to have a sick day. I spent 6:30 PM on reading by myself in my bedroom while the kids and Keith were playing Taboo in the other room (even the constant buzzer sound wasn't annoying, that's how engrossed I was). This is just my second issue of Uppercase. It's a beautiful magazine in all aspects. If you like fonts, graphics, good design, etc, this mag is for you. The articles are all creative-leaning with a touch of nerd. It's not cheap though, which is my only hiccup over it. But when it arrives it's like opening a present.

"Recovery Dinner" Thursday night
After having spent Wednesday night in bed, I was up for making a super healthy dinner Thursday. I have a friend that always posts his dinner creations (you know who you are) and after I made my own version I had to laugh--this is not the dream dinner of many, but it is mine. Lentils, bulghur wheat and wilted kale all drizzled with a tahini-umeboshi dressing. The recipe is from Cooking with the Right Side of the Brain by Vicki Rae Chelf and here it is:

Tahini-Umeboshi Dressing
1/2 c water
3-4 medium umeboshi plums, or 3 Tbs umeboshi paste
1/4 c tahini

whirl in food professor. Server over salad, or in my case, anything.


ahufford said...

Just tried this dressing today, and it is delicious!

Cathy Savage said...

Oh good! We basically had this same dinner last night, right down to the dressing. Glad you like it!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Cathy! I found your blog thru ahufford. I sure miss you guys!

Cathy Savage said...

Ditto on that!