Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Furoshiki--Cloth Wrapping Paper

An oldie but goodie. (This is my 3rd re-post!) And thanks for the reminder Angela!

After Christmas last year I visited the fabric store and bought a bunch of discount Christmas-themed material for Furoshiki, the Japanese method of using cloth to wrap gifts. I chose material the kids would like under the tree, but selections without Frosty and glitter do exist should you decide you like this idea. I hemmed up the edges (a serger would be great for this...) and created all kinds of different sized squares. Now wrapping literally takes seconds, the gifts look nice, and the wrapping can be used over and over again. We leave a stack out for Santa and so far he prefers them over paper. I also created tags out of red poster board, used a hole punch and a strand of yarn, and voila, done. For more information on Furoshiki, visit link here.

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