Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Bet

This is me and my friend Arch last summer. If I've learned one
thing during my ukulele love fest over the last year, playing with
others is very powerful stuff. I'm excited about making
art around other artists. Wow. Lucky 13 indeed!
A friend of mine helped me make a big decision. He told me about the book Little Bets by Peter Sims, explaining that little bets are perfect--you don't have to put a 2nd mortgage on the house and you can potentially get a large return. I've decided to make a little bet--to look for a studio space outside my house. There's an application process, etc, but the good news is my husband is on board. Or rather, we'll give it a year and reassess. The amount of growth that comes out of this year will be immeasurable and I'm ready to get started! I'll let you know all about the location as soon as the details are worked out, but for now, just wish me luck!

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