Saturday, April 6, 2013

Going International!

OK, that was slightly misleading. I've sold a few mini prints internationally of late, and so I needed to crank out a few more for my stash (Tesla is an international seller!). I needed to ship two Teslas right away, and if you've used Akua ink then you know it takes awhile to dry. I have a sweet-ass gas oven from the 50s that is always warm so I "baked" my prints overnight.


Roberta said...

I have heard about Akua inks. They are water based correct? Are they less toxic than regular etching inks? I was thinking about trying them.

Cathy Savage said...

I love them. They still contain pigment, but the bonus comes when you're cleaning. Just a soapy water clean up. They don't smell anything like oil based inks. Maybe a cooking oil smell if anything.

Roberta said...

Thanks Cathy. I am going to have to give them a try.