Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tuckered out, But it's All Good

Canopy's First Look Open Studio--it happened!
This weekend my studio had it's debutante ball. It was so, so good. All of it--Friends dropping by, talking with people about printmaking, sharing my time with my studio mate Carolyn Kimball. Yes, I felt the weekend was charmed. And to top it off, I squeezed in son Wes's baseball game and a picnic with my family in perfect weather (somewhat remarkable for Austin since it's usually hot by now). Thanks to those of you that were able to make it, and to those that didn't, don't worry we'll do this again.

I hope to jot down and share observations on the event for those that are curious, though I probably won't get around to that for another day or two.

A Glimpse of Brahe's Nose
Here's my Kepler/Brahe collage project I put on hold while getting ready for the open house. I look forward to getting back to it on Tuesday when I'm in the studio. I have 5 projects in process and need to crack the whip.

I added silver leaf to Brahe's nose. I plan on adding some contrast and definition with India ink to his head and noggin this week.

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