Monday, July 8, 2013

Screen Printing Tea Towels

My studio mate has a cool line of tea towels and today we met up to print some for our art-of-the-month clubbers.
© 2013 Carolyn Kimball

Carolyn prints at ASPCO, which is a co-operative shop in Austin for those of you looking for a place to get your screen printing on.

Carolyn Kimball hard at work
The tea towels required a trip through the drying conveyor about three times and it was a riot trying to keep up with them before they dropped in the bucket at the end.

Most stress I've had in weeks!
Carolyn compared the action to that one I Love Lucy episode where Lucy was eating the chocolates just to keep up with the conveyor. At least this was calorie-free!

Sometimes I Get Stuck
Luckily I have friends that can help me along with projects when I get stuck. I'm bringing this piece over to my friend's house tonight for some much needed objective criticism. I have a general sense of where I need some action but I've been paralyzed with how to implement. Hopefully I can get moving on this thing. I'm ready to have it leave my studio. Like now.

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