Friday, July 12, 2013

The Nitty Gritty

Last week I took a day and filled with all kinds of mundane but important stuff. Checkbook balancing, supply ordering, expense tracking, email responding and deleting, etc. I ordered more business cards from because they are beautiful--and they arrived today.

They are pricier than other cards so I ordered less expensive cards from for fairs and open houses. While I was there I picked up a laptop case and put a bird on it! (I think this print in in Houston's City Hall in a show... But how cool is it that I could use my own image?)

So, all those things that are easy to put off, like updating my mailing list? Done. How about sending out invoices? Yuk, even though I'll eventually get paid. Done. Reporting sales tax? Done. Time to chill with an episode of Dr. Who.