Monday, August 12, 2013

Curly Hair--might as well go with it

I was asked a few questions for a brochure that's being printed for an upcoming show and I thought I'd pass them along.

• Why did you become an artist? 
It's something that has always been part of who I am, just like my curly hair. I've just decided to go with it verses straightening it. 

• What is your inspiration for your artwork?
I'm fascinated by people that have made amazing discoveries, especially in the math and sciences, and that's probably due to the fact that my brain doesn't operate that way. I've never had a head for numbers but I love learning about Big Thinkers and the things that make them tick. 

• What are the materials that you use?
I'm been working on collages lately due to summer schedules and my need to be at home with my school-aged kids. I have a huge arsenal of paper scraps that I've collected over the years. Most of them are my hand-pulled prints that don't make it into the edition, but I'm also drawn to the ordinary receipt as well as decorative wrapping papers. I have them sorted by color in my studio! 

• What is the process for creating your art?
Typically I have an image in my mind and I start plugging away until I feel as though I've gotten there. Some pieces evolve, though I'd say most become what I thought they were going to become. (Turns out I'm not very spontaneous.)

• Do you have a favorite piece and why?
I do have a favorite piece. I have a collage made from an old print of a childhood memory of my family driving across the country in our Ford LTD station wagon pulling a camper trailer. The background is an actual map that I painted with the black and white print of the car and trailer on top, mixing a little modern (colorful) with traditional (black and white). It's whimsical I guess, but for me it evokes some happy memories of those days when being a kid seemed to take forever. Those memories of listening to John Denver on the 8-track tape, maybe playing the alphabet game with my sister, and sitting in the way back of the wagon (no seat belts of course), always make me smile. 

This is it! Favorite piece!
© 2009 Cathy Savage, Country Roads Revisited, 15 x 21", mixed media

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