Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

I've been on vacation for weeks
We arrived back home last night. It was great! I managed to vacation in the mountains and the shores of North Carolina, and I enjoyed every second. I admit the three day drive back home was a little trying--especially with one pre-teen. This morning, in effort to regroup, I wrote down my list of things to do this week before I'm off on another adventure.

1. Get house back in order. Top priority. Buy groceries, do laundry, mow lawn, etc. Manage email also in this list. (Today is basically over and I made a major dent in these items.)

Yum. Just back from my favorite grocery store, Wheatsville Co-op!

2. Finish painting that is supposed to be dropped off for a show in a matter of days. Arrgh! I've really had problems with this one. The pic below isn't the latest version, but you get the drift.

3. Work on PrintAustin. It's coming up--Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb 2014!

PRINTAUSTIN will be a month long event sharing and educating about original prints by artists who create them, those who collect them and those who want to uphold the traditions of printmaking while celebrating the innovations and contemporary approaches.
Our mission to the Austin Art Community & Galleries is to share our enthusiasm of printmaking by helping galleries curate, exhibit & promote works on paper and by having in-house artist talks, signings and panels, printmaking demonstrations, and print focused art happenings to engage audiences.

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