Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chine Colle--Adding Color without Registration Headaches

I've actually gotten fairly decent at registration thanks to this press bed guide, but sometimes Chine colle--or Chinese collage--is just want I need when adding color.

1. Cut or tear the colored collage paper. I'm cutting mine using a guide I made out of mylar. This paper looks pretty similar from front to back, so I am making sure all pieces are front side down.

2. Ink and wipe your plate and get it on the pressbed, ready to go.

(This plate is only partially inked up since I just want the guy printed, not the rest of the plate.)

3. Lightly spritz your collage paper with water and give it a modest sprinkle with wallpaper paste (methyl cellulose), shown here in old baby jar with a pair of pantyhose to help make fine sprinkles.

4. Place the collage papers glue side up onto your plate.

5. Put printmaking paper on top of your plate and collage papers, print. Your plate will now print on top of your collage papers which have been glued onto your printmaking paper during the printing process. (This is intaglio so my printmaking paper has already been dampened and blotted, which will help in getting the collage papers to stick to the base paper.)

Voila! Color has been added with only one run through the press.

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