Monday, October 14, 2013

Magic Foam

I spent some time on Saturday making fun stamps with a local outdoor group called Austin Families in Nature. I was inspired by this video.

Let me say that the results of the cheap foam I purchased in area craft stores aren't as dynamic as the product used in the video. The foam used for both is basic EVA--Ethylene-vinyl acetate--but the craft foam is a higher density and it doesn't "give" as easily. I used a heat gun on low for 15 seconds and was careful hold the gun about 5" from the foam and wiggle the nozzle in order not to scorch it. Since we were outside and I didn't get crazy with the gun, I didn't notice any fumes. Not one weird whiff. 

Here are our results with the cheap stuff. Perfect for a kid activity, and a stamp can be made on each side of the block. (These would be great for gelatin printmaking!) The round stamps were made using foam marshmallows (I kid you not, that's what they're called). 

Link for buying the good foam. I recommend the blue rectangles since they are thicker and easier to handle when stamping. 

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