Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Collagraph Sampler

It's been so long since I've posted something that a large part of me is wondering why not just stop completely. I guess until I decide to $&*% or get off the pot (a euphemism I lovingly attribute to my maternal grandparents--feel free to adopt), I'll be posting here and there.

So, where have I been? Partially, recovering from a busy spring shared with a hideous 2-month long chest cold, partially working on a new event called The Tesla Project going down July 5, and partially working on getting healthy--getting my blood tested to see what I'm lacking vitamin-wise, getting eyes tested, moles removed, dental check-ups, etc. I now feeling better than ever thanks to adding a few small pills with my morning coffee (Low Vitamin D, B12, and Iron was sapping my energy. Glad to have regained some of that with just taking vitamins.).

So, I'm teaching a collagraph workshop this coming weekend and I'm so so so excited! I love collagraphs! I may have shown this pic before, I can't remember. It's a sampler for lack of a better word, inked intaglio. Enjoy. I'm sure I'll be taking some pics of work produced in the class--the question is will I post them. I'm chuckling to myself because I have tons of pics for intended posts, and I hardly ever seem to close the deal.

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