Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today is a day for working

We've skipped church today. There is nothing more liberating than playing hookey.

I read my kids the library book 123 I Can Collage! by Irene Luxbacher this morning and all hell broke loose. They are now hot for collage! So we're all working in my studio which is a joke because after my Veronica Mars-inspired studio romp, my workspace hasn't been tidied up. So these are the conditions we're facing. The next picture is of Wes wedged in the corner.

I did glue some of my papers down today using Golden Gel Medium, Soft Gel (Matte), which is my favorite adhesive for collage right now. My favorite pencil is the Cretacolor GraphitAquarell because it turns to a wash when brushed over with a wet paintbrush. (I am a sucker for graphite. I love the shine of pencil on paper. Another awesome product is liquid graphite, but my studio is such a mess right now I can't locate the bottle to write down the brand name. Another post...) All this is done on a piece of printmaking paper that has been coated with gesso on the front and back, just to make it hold up to any glue, paint, or scraping that might happen during the course of the project.

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