Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you Veronica Mars!

I've been in a terrible art slump since coming off of summer vacation. Maybe it has something to do with my youngest being in Kindergarten? You'd think I'd be creating like a madwoman with the extra time, but not so much. I've been cleaning the house and organizing mostly, but not so much art. I did set up my little adorable netbook on my studio desk last night and watched Veronica Mars on Netflix, thanks to the program suggestion by blogger Missy Diggs. What's nice is it was a program I could play while doing other stuff, like going through my piles and piles of papers and setting up a new collage. Though this is what half my desk now looks like. Ugh.

I have another week before my art marketing group gets together to review our 22 x 30 in "assignment." It was proposed by artist Kelly Tankersley, in part to help me get going as well as encourage us all to work a little larger. I have a lot more time to put into the work, but I have a lot more Veronica Mars episodes to go.The good news is, this is what the other half of my desk looks like.


Jill Alo said...

I might be looking at a clue to your (temporarily) slow Art production:
in the photo of that awesome pile of collage material, the left top corner is a cool drawing, I bet by Raleigh the Kindergartener.

It could be hard to feel original when surrounded by young minds bursting with a zillion new ideas every day.... ?

Cathy Savage said...

Could be! Hadn't thought of that. I feel paralyzed with indecision on just about everything. It felt great to work last night, even though I needed the video to make the bridge.

Missy said...

Yay! I got a lot done during my first week with Veronica Mars as well. I'm decluttering, in hopes that it will free up some space and energy for new projects. I just watched the last episode and hope that I will start getting stuff again now that I am Veronica-Mars-free.