Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alternative venues

I've been exhibiting my work at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Austin (FUUCA) for I don't know how many years. Maybe 8? I have a standing October exhibit with my friend Theresa Bond, but this year she had her work at another venue. Luckily I had the show in March in San Antonio and still have some pieces framed and ready to go.

I've wondered over the years as I've participated in venues more prestigious that the wide hallway at FUUCA referred to as the "Gallery," if I should continue. I mean, haven't I outgrown it? My prices have gotten higher as I've added years of experience and quality to my work, and I think I've priced myself out of the audience. However, why the heck not? It's getting my work out of my studio and in front of other people. I do occasionally sell things. I get a chance to talk about my work sometimes on Sundays during my month of being in the gallery (I'm a church member). I get to practice my elevator pitch at such an occasion. And people are hearing about Cathy Savage--though I have to admit I could do a better job of having the art connected to the name. I'm trying to work on marketing this year and it is slow going because it does not come naturally for me. But I can see it working. I still make blunders along the way, but I'm putting in time every week on these efforts.

So I guess this post is about considering alternative venues for yourself. If you're interested in showing your work at FUUCA, let me know and I can hook up up with FUUCA's gallery coordinator. No need for you to be a church member.

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