Monday, October 11, 2010

Printing a Solar Plate with Akua Intaglio

I've been having some registration problems with my current edition, so I went into the studio last week with plans on reprinting an image that I'm using as a chine colle element--a solar plate that was previously printed using oil-based ink. I successfully printed the same plate using Akua Intaglio. That wasn't my objective, to try to use Akua on a solar plate, though I have been wanting to try it. The thing is, I left my oil-based ink at home on accident and I wasn't about to go home and get it. I wasn't sure if the plate would print wonky due to the different ink, but it was worth a shot and it worked fine. I did give the plate a good once over with canola oil, which by the way, is how you clean solar plates with Akua ink--do not use water. I used one of my newest colors, Akua Intaglio Burnt Umber. I darkened a scoop of ink a bit with Akua Kolor Lamp Black and made a beautiful brown. I carded it on the plate as usual, wiped with a blue paper towel, and then printed it onto dry rice paper. The later prints looked better because the paper towel was good and juicy by that time. It was difficult not to over-wipe. Telephone book paper seemed to look like the best wipe but boy it's hard to use. The thin paper sticks to the ink like mad and it's hard to move it around and wipe the plate. Overall I was pleased with the results. And as always, it was quick and easy to clean up. No fumes! Now I have plenty of heads. Hopefully my registration problems will be a thing of the past, but if not, surely I have enough heads to get me through this edition of five! Now, where are the scissors? Time to trim the heads.


Anna Kinbar said...

Thats exciting Cathy,I am going to order some Akua inks. Try them on a pronto plate. Daniel Smith has a sale going on.

Cathy Savage said...

I have never tried Akua on a pronto plates. You may want to ask Susan Rostow at Akua, or visit their website since it's fairly robust. Susan is quick in responding by email, btw. If you're keeping the plate moist with a wet sponge it may not work with Akua. My experience with pronto plates is limited, but aren't they similar to litho?

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