Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blue Wig--check!

I LOVE it! I've had a sad week (Pets are awesome. I just wish they lived forever. Sigh.), but this wig is putting a smile on my face. I may wear it all day. Hmm. What are my errands? Oh yes, go to WPA studio to print, then Wheatsville to buy groceries for dinner, pick up my kids from elementary school. Can I wear this thing around town, esp in front of all the PTA moms (of which I am one, BTW)? Hell, if thong man can wear only a thong in public, I can wear a blue wig. Now on to find a knitted beard pattern. I like this one I found on, but I really want to knit my own.

To knit your own wig, check out the pattern here.


ahufford said...

My kids love seeing that thong guy. It's like finding Waldo. I have to admit that he does take pretty good care of himself (although I do suspect that he didn't get enough attention as a child -- I most often see him riding during the height of evening rush hour). And I like that he is out there being his weird self because it allows the range of what is "normal" to expand a wee bit. I'm sure that Wheatsville would welcome your blue wig. If you wear it to PTA, then I'm sending you big props.

Cathy Savage said...

I'm with your kids. Did you know there's another thong guy? I've seen a younger version. I always point him out to the kids when I drive. I'm always surprised when others don't fully embrace him. What's not to love?

printsubscription2010 said...

Leslie is awesome. And so is your blue wig!! Totally gonna knit myself one too!