Thursday, October 7, 2010

Working Artist 3.0

I'm spending the evenings this week reading the manual. I've owned the program for nearly a year and the PDF version of the manual was really getting to me, so I printed it out at home and had it spiral bound at Kinkos (BTW, Kinkos quoted me $80 for printing the manual!). I basically killed a tree. It was 300 pages (gulp) but at least I printed on both sides, so only 150 actual sheets.

Despite the fact that I really don't use the program to it's fullest extent YET, it's awesome. I can go in there and print invoices, title tags and price lists quite easily. The book I'd Rather be in the Studio suggests 200-250 contacts, so several weeks ago I spent some time plugging in names, so I have that now at my finger tips instead of on scraps of paper, or in random emails in random folders in my email account. My supplies are typed in (except for printmaking paper. I can't go there yet--too daunting.) so I know what's on hand. Most of my art is in there too, with an accompanying photo of course, except for the really old stuff. Entering it all in was a pain, but every completed step felt awesome and kept me motivated. It had to be done at some point. As we learned from The Field of Dreams, "Built it and they will come." Collectors and galleries alike--I'm putting it out there--I'm ready! And now with that said, I'm off to the studio to get some work done.

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