Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nolan Ryan Costume

Wes, 8, wants to be Nolan Ryan for Halloween and he chose the vintage Majestic Astros rainbow jersey. I couldn't find one for kids online, so I bought a bunch of t shirts at a resale shop and forged ahead. Here are the results and it was given the official, "This is so AWESOME!" by my son, so I'm feeling pretty good. Steps follow.

Here I've sacrificed an orange shirt and sewed the bottom half to a white shirt using a ballpoint needle. $1.99/shirt with a subtotal of $3.98. (I'm not counting thread, or needles, or fabric adhesive since I already own that stuff.)

Next, take a deep breath and shake off feeling that I should have done a more extensive online search. Sacrifice another shirt, this time, dark yellow. Cost of shirt, $2.99, Subtotal: $6.97.

Sacrifice another shirt, this time, light yellow. Cost of shirt, $2.99. Subtotal: $9.66. OK? Why am I doing this? Oh right, because it was a challenge and well, I guess it is kinda fun. It would be better timing if I didn't have EAST to prepare for as well as an exhibit in one of Austin's library branches that is to be hung on MONDAY. I still need to finish my drypoint w/ monotype. Sigh.

Next step, reverse applique orange stripe below top bands of yellow.

Sacrifice another shirt. This time, red. Cost of shirt, $1.99. Subtotal: $11.65.

Sacrifice another shirt. This time, blue. Cost of shirt, $1.99. Subtotal: $13.64. The neck was hard. I had to take the collar off the white and blue shirts and then attempt a v-neck. Results are OK but not awesome. But at this point I'm forging ahead. I'm committed now. I used an image of the t shirt that I downloaded and increased the size of the lettering by 325% (thank you proportional wheel), so now I have words and a star. RYAN and 34 are on the back in the same fashion, but at least I can ease back a bit on this costume today. The pants will be easy. I'll take an already owned pair of white baseball pants and whip stitch stripes of orange and red down the side. I'm going to skip putting stripes on the sleeves because I have got to get back in my studio and finish that print!


Carolyn Kimball said...

Let's see pictures of this awesome costume in action! Hope the Rangers loss didn't spoil wes' halloween.

Cathy Savage said...

You betcha!! Coming soon!!