Sunday, October 24, 2010

Out with the Old and In with the New

I sold a print today. It's a woodcut from a Steamroller event a few years back. It hung for awhile in the house, but was eventually vetoed by my husband. So it's been sitting unloved in my studio ever since, propped on it's side in a stack of other unloved work. I'm thrilled when anything leaves my stack. Eventually I want the pieces on canvas gone, since I think a good size for me is 22 x 30", not 3 x 4' like a couple of years ago. But still I'm a little sad. I only printed one and now it's off into the world. But now I won't have to look at it and sigh anymore. Luckily a friend is buying it so it can always be visited, but this time, hung on a wall and lit properly. OK, not sad anymore! And maybe with the freed physical and mental space, I can put new energy into my latest idea--a camping 101 series.

What do you do with your old work, those in which your current artist's statement no longer applies?

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