Monday, October 25, 2010

Make a Rubber stamp out of an Eraser

This is nothing new. I'm sure you've heard about this, but maybe you've done what I have and held off for another day? Well, today is my day to do this and I plan to blog about it as I go to get waiting-for-another-dayers inspired.

You'll need an eraser (one of those smooth white pencil erasers available at art supply stores), a linoleum cutter, and a pencil. Oh, and a design.

My design will be a take-off of the alchemical symbol representing tin, or Jupiter since tin was ruled by Jupiter--thank you Wikipedia. The symbol I'm using is backwards because printmakers love the backwards thing. Now totally off topic: I've talked about my art marketing group before. We have started making cards and are going to make them available for sale. We have talked about doing workshops and the like, so if you're wanting to have an unusual party with your friends and want to have us come and bring our supplies for a hands-on event, you can make cards with your pals for a reasonable charge. Here's the new blog for that group, 4 Alchemists.Yes, my stamp will be used in the short term as a logo.

You can transfer your image to your eraser a couple of ways. The easiest is to draw it freehand. But if you aren't confident with this approach, use carbon paper or cover the the back of your design with a pencil (soft lead works best) and trace your design. You don't want to press too hard with your pencil as to poke your eraser and leave a gouge. Keep in mind you'll want your design to be IN REVERSE on your eraser.

Now you're ready to carve. You can use an X-acto if you're handy with those things, but I prefer the linocut tools. You don't need to carve very deeply.

My ink pads are almost dried up, but you can get an idea of the results.

Note to self: repeat with kids and take them Letterboxing!


dlcowgirl said...

this is a great idea, Cathy... like you said it is nothing new but I haven't tried it yet either so I think I will give it a whirl... I will put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with.
debbie little wilson

Cathy Savage said...

When I was carving the stamp I was thinking I could use my own creation as my "chop" on my prints. Might also be kinda fun to use it as a mini-print on invoices or receipts.

ahufford said...

Love the icon you created here. When I was little, I wrote my name on all my stuff with paint markers so that my siblings (all three of them younger than me) couldn't claim ownership of them. I don't know why this made me think of this. It would be a neat idea to create a custom stamp like this to stamp on a wrapped gift instead of doing a card.

Cathy Savage said...

Amy, I have extra lino tools if you want to borrow one. (I think I might have 3. It has a lot to do with having a messy studio and my penchant for printmaking supplies...) I went to Jerry's Artarama today and those Staedtler erasers are only .97!