Tuesday, November 30, 2010

American Gothic

I've been to the Chicago Art Institute several times and have somehow skipped Grant Wood's American Gothic, one of the most iconic and recognizable American paintings. Or if I've seen it there, I don't remember. I am dying to go back now even though I've only read a 1/3 of his biography, where one entire chapter is dedicated to this painting. Imagine being different in Iowa in the 1930s, when American Gothic was painted. (Texas may be a conservative state, but at least Austin's tag line is "Keep Austin Weird." We have Leslie and Thong Men--and anything different is applauded. Unless you're too conservative. That's probably questioned.)

I bought my daughter some coloring books about 6 months ago for our big Texas to North Carolina drive (the Mary Cassatt and Van Vogh coloring books are her favorites but I couldn't locate them for this picture). When she asked what I was reading the other day, I told her it was a book about an artist that painted a famous painting, and I showed her the painting. She told me she was familiar with the painting because of the coloring books. Oh yeah! Forgot about those. Here are Amazon links if you're interested in them, but for sure buy local if you can.
American Paintings, Great Paintings by Women Artists, Modern Art Masterpieces, Mary Cassatt, Van Gogh

I'm a bit under the weather. Not quite sick but not quite well. I plan on laying low for another few days.


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

You're further along in the book than I am. I think I've read maybe an sixth of the book. Needing some action or controversy!

Cathy Savage said...

The art historian speak does slow things down at times. I do want more about the man and less about the theories on the work since Wood sounds like a fascinating character. That may not happen, but I've been enjoying it nonetheless. (I made a ton of progress on our T'giving camping trip--I can't knit with a headlamp on but reading OK. :)