Saturday, November 27, 2010

Artmakers Collective in Bastrop

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was fabulous! I may have been wet and cold and in a tent, but I have so much to be thankful for (a warm sleeping bag is one of them).

This past Tuesday I dropped 7 pieces off to the Artmakers Collective in Bastrop. Lots of nice work can be found in there, from 2D to 3D to jewelry. I especially enjoyed the works made by Stephanie Strange with a typewriter. I was fortunate to have friend and fellow artist Carolyn Kimball along for the ride, and we stopped into the cutest little place for lunch called Green Chai Cafe. The place was popular--lots of visitors during lunch. The chef obviously takes care making the food as there was a wait but we spent the time chatting and the food ended up being oh so delicious.

The last several weeks have been a blur. I'm looking forward to a mostly quiet December and getting in and printing.

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