Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day two in studio

I joke with my marketing friends that I should retail Akua inks because I'm constantly raving about them. We used them at a little gelatin printmaking demo this past Saturday night as well as during E.A.S.T on Sunday, so I'm going public with my Akua love affair. Here's a picture of Austin artist Linda Genet giving the gelatin a try. I think everyone was surprised about the result. So easy and the prints are remarkably good. I think they'd make great textures in my encaustic collages so expect to see them show up in future work covered in wax. (Gelatin kit anyone? We only have two left.)


Today I printed my second plate on top of the flatware drypoint I worked on yesterday (it's 15 x 22"). Plus I printed a place setting (it's large, 22 x 30"), which is another drypoint I worked on around this time last year but never editioned. (The paper is actually warmer, like the flatware, than what is depicted in the jpg.) Tonight I'm hoping to work on my encaustic from several days ago. Things have just been piling up around here. Laundry included. Getting ready for the library show and E.A.S.T threw me off a bit and I seem to just now be catching up.

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Cathy Savage said...

I should note that both drypoints are on Sintra.