Monday, November 15, 2010

Set studio hours this week

This week I'm studio bound from 10-2 every day. (One day down!!) So this week I'll really be doing the 20 hours/wk goal I set for myself at the beginning of the year. I was fortunate to share the studio today with Carolyn Kimball and she did some beautiful work, which of course I recorded for all to see. Here is Carolyn's Sintra plate all inked up with Akua intaglio.

(I made Carolyn pose with her work. I like how Tesla is looking on!)

Carolyn printed the Sintra over a frottage (or trace monotype) of birds. Wonderful!! Love it. Carolyn is still working on the print so this is not its final state. Hopefully once it's done she'll let me post another pic.

I printed a drypoint on the Sintra material that I started at the end of last year and never editioned. So, today I dusted it off and printed 3. (Here I am mid-wipe.)

 I did a drypoint on the reverse side of the plate and will overprint today's results with the proper names of the utensils. Emily Post would approve.

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