Friday, November 5, 2010

One Artist Every Quarter

A couple of years ago I made a goal of studying one artist per quarter. It was great! Not only did I learn about and appreciate the work of other artists, I found it incredibly inspiring. After probably 6 quarters, I stopped doing it. I'm not sure why or how I got derailed, but I did. I've been wanting to do it again and after reading a Facebook post by my favorite art marketing guru Alyson Stanfield, I'm inspired to do it again. Alyson suggested her followers pick up the Grant Wood biography and read it as a group. I'm in!

One contemporary artist I studied was Christo. Christo and Jean Claude were in Austin in conjunction with their show at AMOA a few years back and I thought I'd pick up their book, get it signed, attend a lecture they were holding that week, and see the exhibit. After reading their biography I was really turned on by their work. I love Christo's drawings and his vertical and horizontal lines. Right around that time I was studying phi and I was dividing up my matrix in different calculated sections. His work really spoke to me and I was drawn to the way he used lines so beautifully. He likes pencil and writing in his work too, so that was gravy.

Anyone read the Grant Wood biography already?

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