Thursday, November 4, 2010

Got Notecards?

I didn't sell any work at my exhibit at the UU Church, but I did get an opportunity to chat with people about it. What I did sell were note cards that I printed of my work in the July 2010 Tesla Project. Do you have note cards of your work? They're great for sending thank you notes or for following up with potential collectors. Besides, it seems when folks don't buy anything else, they can't resist note cards! It took me years to finally get around to getting cards printed and I'm so glad I did. I really do use them and I'm looking all professional and all that (not to mention I'm spreading the Tesla love all around). I need to get other images done before EAST. This is the Austin guy I use--he does proofs so there won't be any surprises, his prices are competitive, and the quality blows any online printing place out of the water.


ahufford said...

So glad you are happy with your notecards by Impressions! I am in need of new notecards to send thank yous on. Is this the full selection (in the photo)? Not that I couldn't pick out some from this set -- just curious.

Cathy Savage said...

At the moment these are the only ones I have. But I hope to get 5 more images to by Tuesday. If you have any requests, I'll be sure to consider them. (Miss seeing you! I wish your kids went to Gullett, then I'd see you daily, even if it was only briefly.)