Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cathy Savage debutes in Russell's Bakery, October 2013

This is very hard to believe. I contacted Russell's Bakery on Hancock to show my work there, and they are booked up until the summer of 2013. My work has been reviewed and I've been given the green light to hang my work nearly 3 years from now. We could be living in Ecuador three years from now, for all I know. Isn't that remarkable? I was tempted to say, can I sign up for 2014-2020 too? Where do you show your work? Any tips welcomed!

I've had some wonderful feedback from the collectors buying the encaustic piece I'm working on (thank you!!) since they are checking the blog for updates. I saved a very encouraging email at the beginning of our correspondence about what they were looking for in art, which I'll post about very soon, because it really does need to be put out there to make every printmaker reading it sigh in relief. I have very limited kid-free time today so I need to get into the studio, but the good news is I'll be posting the final update on the encaustic piece this weekend.

My art marketing mentor--that I've never actually met in person but act like I have--Alyson Stanfield, is challenging her blog readers to count their accomplishments for the year. I've already done this, but I encourage you read her blog post if you haven't done it yet yourself, and perhaps you'll join her challenge. I've had a successful year in terms of getting organized, making contacts, getting my marketing materials together, and the list goes on, because of goals I planned for 2010 around this time in 2009. But before I wrote out my goals, I began with writing my accomplishments, so I do feel this is an important step.

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