Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Resolution--eat more Beignets

I make resolutions every year. Last year I stayed on target by journaling about my 10-, 5-, 3-, and 1-year goals, then breaking my 1-year goals into quarters. I mostly worked on professional issues, keeping my priority for personal goals focused on my #1: Work on projects and computer during off-kid hours. I did very well on this personal goal for 2010, and plan on keeping it up. It's often difficult to peel away from whatever I'm focused on, but with a moratorium on work from 2:30-7 p.m, I'm free to discuss the latest baseball stat or American Doll fashion and I'm finding I'm less anxious trying to juggle emails and dual conversations. My #2 personal goal was met also, and I'll be keeping it up: Write more letters.

In 2010 I plan on tackling a few other personal goals including work on posture (if you see me slouching, feel free to poke me in the ribs), have afternoon tea, and eat more beignets. My list of professional goals is long and most likely boring for the average reader, but in the interest of the few, here they are:

  • Develop a system for tracking art expenses and read the book Legal Guide for the Visual Artist by Tad Crawford.
  • Continue meeting with art marketing cluster and continue following the wisdom of Alyson Stanfield
  • Update Savage Artist website 2x this year.
  • Seek local exhibition opportunities.
  • Put on Tesla Project 2011--plus research grant opportunities.
  • Continue 20 hours a week on art and marketing.
  • Study one artist per quarter.
  • Gain 3 graphic design clients.
  • Work on one project a week in my home studio while continuing my print studio goals.
  • Continue to blog about progress. 


aine scannell said...

You blog very well so that's something on the list you don't need to worry about !!!

I wish you a wonderful new year

Aine xx

Cathy Savage said...

Thank you Aine! Honestly it's quite shocking that folks read it, but I'm glad they do because it makes doing it even more fun. I hope you're staying warm. We're at 4 degrees C right now, but are expecting -2 in the coming days. I've taken to wearing a hat in the house and constantly sipping tea. It's hard to get motivated to go outdoors. I don't know know how folks in colder climates do it!