Friday, January 21, 2011

Selling work on Etsy

I guarantee I know very little about this subject, but I imagine I will be learning more due to the enthusiasm and success of friend and fellow artist Kelly Tankersley. Kelly started an Etsy site I think in October 2010 and has already seen results. (Check out her Etsy site here.) I was playing around today on Etsy, having loaded up my second image (I'm uploading my one-piece-per-week projects), and I checked out Kelly's profile and she has 560 people that consider her one of their "favorites." Wow. Since October! Do you use Etsy? If so, what's your store name so I can check out your page. Have you seen results? How much time do you spend maintaining your account and networking on there? And last question, have you bought items on Etsy?

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Kelly said...

Hey Cathy. Thanks for including me in your blog. For the record folks, I actually celebrated my second month on etsy, not third. I launched my shop Nov 18th. It feels like it has been three months! I have to say I have been obsessed with etsy for these past two months and have made very little art that is going to stick. Most of my experiments in the studio lately are just that. I feel at this point that my shop is officially launched and am about to shift the balance back to art production. It will be interesting to see what happens when I back off from what has been I’d say a minimum of four hours a day creating treasuries (they should be called catalog spreads) and basically socializing and meeting other shops who have all given me tuns of advice. The etsy community is a very generous one—this is your place for mutual marketing support that can explode exponentially.

Yes I have been purchasing art on etsy since last spring—mainly affordable reproductions of images I just can’t live without.

On another note—I discovered some Tesla images on etsy. I see a new Savage endeavor coming on!